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1、 通过并贯彻执行ISO9001:2005质量管理体系,拥有标准化的设计规范、工艺规范、和质量验收规范,实施DFMEA和PFEMA潜在失效模式及分析流程,按照控制计划方式、大数据管理,使设计阶段和生产阶段的质量得到有效控制。

Lida casting advantages:

1. Pass and implement ISO9001:2005 quality management system, have standardized design, process and quality acceptance specifications, implement potential failure modes and analysis processes of DFMEA and PFMEA, to ensure effectively quality control of design and production stage according to control plan and big data management.


2. Company has a capable and efficient R & D team and a core management and quality team with more than 10 years of production experience in the foundry industry to ensure the stability and reliability of products.


3. Apply new technology, new process and new materials to ensure product quality, and implement total quality and objective management. Company has German magma, Korean AnyCasting and Japanese JSCAST casting simulation software. Through simulation analysis and improvement, the products can obtain the optimal casting process scheme, improve the success rate of product development and shorten the product development cycle.


4. Company has five casting production schemes for users to choose: wooden pattern, metal pattern, disposable styrofoam pattern, dry sand negative pressure EPC pattern and solid resin sand EPC pattern. It is planned to introduce 3D sand mold printing technology to improve the development ability of new products.


5. It has rich experience and advantages in the production of large, thick and large section ductile iron castings, high pressure resistant oil circuit plates, cylinder heads and machine tool parts.


6. Provide online services, remote communication, jointly study and research the relevant details with customer, shorten the development time.


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