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    FUXIN LIDA STEEL CASTING CO.LTD is a member of L.K.Group,which is a wholly foreign-owned enterprises, L.k. Group was founded in 1985 in Hong Kong, now has become a strong force in Hong Kong, Shenzhen L.k. from Granville Technology, Zhongshan of Jin, one of Shanghai, Ningbo of strength, of Fuxin Jin, Li Jin and Taiwan Overseas the United States, Canada Branch, and other dozen or so of trading companies, to produce injection molding machines, die-casting machine consisting mainly of large enterprise groups. In 2006 in Hong Kong listed on the Main Board.L.k. Group in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Zhongshan, Ningbo, Fuxin and other places with large-scale modernization of an independent R & D and manufacturing base, in various parts of China with more than 30 customer service centres.

    In more than 20 overseas countries and regions with marketing and customer service centres, to provide complete and timely services, and customers around the world shared success and laid a solid foundation. Years of efforts by business groups, business has grown. Has become the world's largest die-casting machine manufacturers and Hong Kong's major manufacturers of injection molding machine. "Li powerful" countries in 2007 was named "Chinese famous brand", the industry has been steadily growing for the well-known international brands.

    Since the establishment of the Company, its members persist in their beliefs and goals and construct their own market-oriented and consumer-cored service network. Based on the close combination of enterprise’s belief and market needs, the Company formulates industrial strategies for the harmonious development of enterprise and society. With its constant progress and forward development, Fuxin Lida appreciates wholeheartedly all concerns and supports from friends from all walks of life, domestic and abroad. Lida will continue to undertake its historical responsibility and missions as before and make its own efforts and contributions to the restoring of China’s casting industry and Fuxin’s industrial constructions.

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