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1 On 6th, November, the Governor of Liaoning Province Mr. Chen Zhenggao investigated our company.2009.11.06807 
2 The first Phase Project of our company has been finished and begun the formal production.2009.09.16342 
3 Our Quality Management System has passed the inspetion of external expert.2009.09.16719 
4 Sep.8,2009 our company attended the China Foundry Association Fair.2009.09.10834 
5 Sep.1,2009 the deputation of our company attended Shanghai2009.09.04793 
6 A new castings have begun volume production.2009.07.27403 
7 Congratulations for the first batch of 4.5 meter work table of vertical lathe successfully produced.2009.06.11386 
8 On June 2, the customers of Japan Misubish paid a visit to Lida company, and researched the wind-turbine project.2009.06.11359 
9 Congratulations for the tapping of the first furnace.2009.05.11365 
10 Progress report of construction work on dec.102008.12.12553 
11 Dec.2th,Japan MITSUBISH heavey industrises,ltd.(shanghai)paid visit to our company2008.12.03456 
12 Enhance the executive force of staff through education and training2008.11.25357 
13 The customers of Japan MuRa Ta mechanical company visit our factory2008.11.19437 
14 Fuxin Foundry Association establishes officially, General Manager, Mr. Qiu, as Vice Director-General2008.09.23405 
15 On Sep. 4, Mr. Zhang, Deputy Director of Liaoning Development and Reform Committee, supervises civil construction progress.2008.09.05401 
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