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      Our Company culture has definitely advocated: Move the Customers, No Deception, No Compromise. It is forbidden to deceive the customers and accept defective products. We are aimed to use high quality and better service to move the customers. Professional quality inspectors of Lida Company possess rich experiences in quality supervision and inspection, and are provided with advanced quality inspection equipments. They are pursuing 0 defection rate.


    Possess mostly widely-used spark direct reading spectrometer: Swiss ARL3460, most suitable for daily production control, quality management and special analysis and research.


    Pocket-sized Leeb hardness tester: suitable for quick, multi-angle site quality inspection.

    Detecting range: HL 200-900, HV 32-1000, HB 30-680, HRB 4-100, HRC 20-70, HSD 32-102


      Upright metallic phase analysis system: automatic grading software system of metallic phase inspection contains more than 300 modules, for convenient, quick and accurate metallic phase analysis.

    Digital ultrasonic flaw detector can quickly and accurately, without damage, detect, position, calculate and evaluate various defects inside work piece, such as crackle, nonunion and nonfusion of welding lines, gas cavity, sand hole and mingling.  

     Liquid on-line intelligent detector of cast iron comprehensive performance can detect trademark, mechanical property, carbon equivalent CEL, liquidus/solidus temperature, spheroidizing rate/grading and so on.

    Brinell hardness tester adopts Brinell hardness measuring philosophy to conduct Brinell hardness measurement suitable for materials like steel without quenching, cast iron and soft bearing alloy. It possesses the characteristics of high measuring precision, wide measuring range, testing force automatic load, automatic timing, automatic unload and so on. Testing force
Examination power: 1839N( 187.5kgf ), 2452N( 250kgf ), 7355N( 750kgf ), 9807N( 1000kgf ), 28420N( 3000kgf )

      Portablbrinel hardness examination machine: It is widely used to inspect Elevator loud, Automobile Foundry and Lathe. Detecting range: HBW100-650

    Iron-base coating thickness gauge: conveniently and quickly detect paint thickness from multi-angle. Detecting range:.0~1250um

      JB-300B Semiautomatic impact testing machine :The machine can be used for the determination of anti-impact performance of metal materials when it is under dynamic loading from indoor temperature to -60 ℃. Supporting notch projector、notch broach machine and test deep freeze tank.

     Impact energy(J): 150、300; Impact speed: 5.2m/s.


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