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      Many kinds of new high-tech materials are used in processing to improve the quality of the casting, shorten production cycle and promote environment protection and energy conservation.

A.Paper-made clay pipe—Flower Lady EG RUNNER

    In traditional technology, running channels adopt earthenware pipes, which bring harmful effect of wasting time and work, much dust, more and serious litter.
    Compared with earthenware pipes, paper-made clay pipes weigh less than 1/10 of the former, and the litter of paper-made pipes is about 1/16 of that of earthenware pipes, unnecessary to recycle lump litter, which will not be broken after falling on the ground and can be cut manually with little dust.
    At the same time, they also possess the following advantages: degree and scale on the surface of the paper pipes could help cut and position accurately; inlaying design is adopted to join and install without using adhesive tapes and glues; special materials are mixed in to resist high temperature and distortion; recycled paper is used to develop for energy-conservation and environment-protection.


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