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Progress report of construction work on dec.10
  2008.12.12 489  

Photo of project progress on dec.10(Click on photo for closeup)

1.Production areas


A district of plant   B district of plant
C district of plant   D district of plant
E district of plant   F district of plant

1-2.Electric furnace:

10 ton electric furnace   20 ton electirc furnace
Control System of electric furnace   Cooling tower of electric furnace
Cooling system electric furnace   Hydraulic equipment of electric furnace

1-3.Sand line:

Sand line equipment   Sand line dust remover & discharge smoke
Sand line cooling tower    

1-4.Air compressor:

Air compressor & accessory equipment are been installed   Gas tank of air compressor
Air pipeline &fire pipeline   Interior of control cabinet of air compressor

1-5.Anealling furnace:

Anealling furnace   Gas generating furnace


Exterior of boiler   Pump house of boiler be installed
Dust remover in the boiler room is been installed   A steam boiler is been installed
Two heating boiler    

1-7.Accessory warehouse:

Exterior of accessory warehouse   Fire pipe line of accessory warehouse

1-8.Would warehouse:

Exterior of would warehouse   Interior of would warehouse
Bridge crane in would warehouse    

2.Living and office area

2-1.Staff quarters:

Exterior of staff quarters   Front door of staff quarters
Passage of staff quarters   Fire control&geothermal pipeline of staff quarters
Washingroom of staff quarters    


Exterior of cateen and public bathhouse   Hall of cateen
Interior of kitchen   Window of kitchen

2-3.Public bathhouse:

Interior of public bathhouse   Washroom of public bathhouse

3.Corollary equipment area

3-1.Gatekeep room and enclosing wall:

Gatekeep room and enclosing wall on the left side   Enclosing wall on the south side

3-2.Other accessory equipment:

Exterior of pump house   Physico-chemical laboratory
Exterior of substation   Interior equipment of substation is being installed
Bottom of shotblasting machine   Trainning classroom

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